Times Like These

8Today is Friday and this month is still April. To be honest, I haven’t made any plans for travelling. Quiet contrast compared what happened to the first three months of 2015. Am I slowing down? Am I too lazy? What happened if I had no hunger for just one tasteful wanderlust? I don’t feel anything at the moment really. So I just post the photograph above, it was taken a few months ago. It was in Terbanggi, Lampung, Sumatera. I decided to stop and took several shots. It was nearly raining and I just had to make those quick shots and I think that’s one of the consequences during travelling. Nevertheless, that was my first time I went to the Sumatera Island. Yes, after all these years I finally went there. I just have to wait 27 years, yes just waiting casually. In fact, I haven’t been to Sulawesi,Sumbawa,Flores and Papua Island. Ridiculous? I know! So where am I? Where I’ve been all my life? Moving one path to another. The fact I bought a big map of Indonesia and put it near my bed so I could ashamed of myself, but that’s another thing. The thing is and the ultimate question is “where should I go?”, I kept questioning to myself. I want to see something else and I want to feel again. Maybe now I’m a bit preoccupied  in Bandung. I’m running one business and another, preparing one exhibition (yes photography exhibition, of course!). Beside that, I’m planning to collaborate with some friends so I’m looking forward to do it! Speaking of friend, today I saw a friend book her flight to one destination that we all know (Indonesian know this destination!), THE destination. She was excited and all, we decided to breakdown the map of THE destination. I mentioned several places to visit, it was quiet interesting actually but then again, I still no have that urge to go. In times like these, I’m learning to slowing things down, as in my ever-growing wanderlust and pacing up things, as in business. I’m all in for business at the moment and writing this down made me realized that my mind is already prioritizing itself. In time like these, also I found something to be grateful of, it’s quiet simple actually . From time to time,years,months,weeks,days,hours,minutes and seconds, I realized that nothing is mundane and I don’t believe in coincidence. In times like these, I relearn and I’m willing to learn again, this is not a hint that I’m going study in the formal stage straight away. In times like these, I like to look back on some magic on photographs, not the soft copy on my monitor but tangible photograph as in prints, today we look at them carefully. Of moments,places,faces and colors all in one photographs. In time likes these, you will live a life you will remember.



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