Sometimes or every other time, one gets too much shots when they came back from one travelling. So this week, I was surfing into my archive and of course photographs archive. I like to archive in my very own way. There’s one folder I named “TRAVELLING”. So #1 is the first time I do those travels, I decided to recount it to #1 because I want to and I felt that before #1, I happened to be visiting many places but for one reason, I just decided to put it just #1. On 2009, I went to Bali after graduating the bachelor degree. I know I was crazy shooter back then and brought many cameras. One of them is Olympus Pen EE2, it was underrated. Even I put it outside my backpack and I don’t have any case for it. The feeling of going back to Bali (after years and years), it’s very different. I’m all ready to shoot everything and I guess looking back now, I missed so many stuff. Oh well, time passed and I visited Bali three years later on 2012 for academic research matter. 2009 was a good year, I graduated and I traveled. Back then, I’m not that type of people who wants to travel every inches of the earth. I was happy-go-lucky shooter who happens to shoot Bali. Don’t think Just Shoot, I like that. I always like that rule. It’s free and it represent freedom of expressing what you like and what you shoot. You like what you shoot and that’s the very basic of enjoying photography. Sometimes, I personally over think it especially these days. The present days, the year is 2015. I thought a lot before I shoot something. 2009, I didn’t think this much or that much. The camera is on my hand and all I have to do is click the shutter button. I want to go back, where I could be free. I’m running through my own photo archive and I found this photograph. Situated in the streets of Denpasar,Bali, I was walking and I saw this boy running freely. I immediately shot frame 1 and his mother was walking quickly towards him then I decided to shot frame 2. To me, this photograph represent both 2009 and 2015. The past and the present. To be honest, I haven’t seen this photograph for years and to see it again, it’s like opening up a door that I could walk through times and memories. I want to feel again and see new places and faces. Where?  I don’t know. I’m still sorting out photographs for my upcoming exhibition. May the force be with you!

Live a life, you will remember.



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