I met him four years ago when my friend and I were in Mount Bromo. I think it was on September 2011. At that time, we were walking to Mount Bromo after watching the most beautiful sunrise ever. My tired legs didn’t stopped me to shoot everything around me because come on I’m in Mount Bromo and my trusty LC-A+ is in my hand, what more can I expect?!

As I shot this and that in the dessert, I saw many horses and Mount Bromo’s local people who ride them. So when I walk, I stumbled upon this lad and I think he’s much younger than me. All looking bold and cool. He offers me to ride a horse because he said that walking to Mount Bromo is so so tiring but instead accepting his offer, I decided to talk to him ” How about I shot you?” then he asked several questions. Questions I never get before from people I met during my travelling. So after we agree on some terms (no, I didn’t give him any money! because he didn’t asked for it too) I shot him! (He wants to pose like that, the classic smoking-cigarette-in the hand pose!)

After shooting him, I asked him.. “what is your name?”, he replied “Tomtom…”, still looking cool while holding cigarette in his hand and I learned a lot from this moment that I have to ask before I shot stranger during my travel. So yes Tomtomo teach me how to shot stranger!
Since that I’ve been travel a lot from India to Ubud and I always remember Tomtom every time I shot a stranger. In the near future, I must met him and give this photograph to him, maybe two photographs, one is for him and one for me with his autograph on it. He changed the way I took portraits.

Thanks Tomtom.  I will remember you.

Live a life, you will remember.



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