Pergi Jauh


Why “Pergi Jauh” ? In Bahasa Indonesia, “Pergi Jauh” means go far away, go far or kids these days called it “GO FAR OR GO HOME” or “GO HARD OR GO HOME”. The terms of “Pergi Jauh”, I kind of like it mainly because it’s Bahasa Indonesia, it’s familiar to Indonesia when people said “Pergi Jauh”, it’s different when one said it, “PERGI JAUH!!!”, it means that one is like screaming to another person to just “GO AWAY!!! (for the rest of their live!). I like it!

When I decided to to shoot the photograph above, I sense that I just had to shot with a square format camera which is Lubitel+ and a redscale film. I want to capture different landscapes or different view, kind of cliche but it’s true. Gumuk Pasir is a scenic nature landscape. I was there at noon so it’s kind of hot, yeah really hot I must admit. I wearing flip flops, yes! A Mickey Mouse one that I borrowed from my cousin. I like Gumuk Pasir view, it totally made me felt so small. As I walk and run to get different views but still Gumuk Pasir is just so big. To keep it casual, let’s just say I will go to Gumuk Pasir but this time I will use other camera to capture the majestic but BIG landscape. Desert, there’s a desert in Gumuk Pasir but unfortunately I didn’t wear any desert boots, there’s always be a next time for me. At least, I have a reason to go back. What reason? to use a desert boots in Gumuk Pasir’s desert. That’s too much desert in one sentence. As I always said before that this Gumuk Pasir is big, I recommend to you all that you have to bring a camera (Of course!) and make damn sure you have those weird films (if you’re a film photographer) or download a lot of weird filters in your phone. You can go “Here’s Mars!”, to caption your photo in the social media or go “Red Planet”, am I using the Mars reference again? Oh forgive me. Please do.

But first thing is first. You can run mad in Gumuk Pasir. That’s all! Live a life,you will remember.



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